Silver Spring Driving Academy - This place is a joke they owe me over $400


This place is a total joke run by scammers. Avoid these scumbags at all cost. The classes are easy they don't care if you pass or not while other students joke around and distract one another.


The driving instructor made me drive down a timed one way street and I was ticketed? Call the police dept and ask how many moving violations they have the cop told me he wanted to ticket the company because this happens so often?

Doesn't help me though I had to pay the fine and didn't get my licenses because of the violation. The driving instructor was a creep too. The owner is a major bald creeper *** I want my money back.

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Silver Spring Driving Academy - Owner is a *** child molester

Silver Spring, Maryland 1 comment

This place is a total joke the owner wife is clueless and runs the classes.They are a joke too easy the owner Sixto is a *** and tried to touch me after class one day.

I told my dad I thought he was going to kill the ***.

We filed a complaint with the state and the acted like the couldn't do anything.

*** bags go back to what ever *** planet you came from.This is a scam the owner are racist pigs and hate every thing in Maryland but will take your money.

This shchool should be closed call the Kensington police and ask how many moving violations they have

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Reno, Nevada, United States #1270885

I worked for these people and your just touching the surface of what is going on here. Creepy people!!!

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